10 Ways to make each day of your life positive

ImageImage1 If each day is too short for all the wonderful things you want to do, don’t be frustrated.

2 Be thankful… that your wish list is so full.

3 With the beginning of each sunrise, think to yourself;” Here’s a brand-new day coming into my life. I can’t wait to see how will get along ! I wonder what’s in store for us ? What an adventure…spending  time  with a day I’ve never met before !”

4 Be open to the possibilities.

5 Count your blessings. Each one is so valuable, and they’re the best treasures you’ve got. And while you’re counting the big things, be sure to include the smaller ones too.

6 A little added to a little…adds up to a lot.

7 Everyone’s life is live somewhere between their aspirations and their limitations. Successful people have limitations, like everyone else, and setbacks that are hard to ignore. But they offset them with efforts and aspirations… that absolutely soar.

8 Try hard and dream big.

9 If you think of your life as a story that gradually unfolds, you will embrace the changes and more fully appreciate the moments. You will know how natural it is for new chapters to begin and for the characters and events to surprise you every now an then. You will cherish your heroes and overcome your foes. And you can still have a beautiful story even if hasn’t been great all along.Make the best of everything, and …

10 Always enjoy reading the page you’re on !