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Don’t focus “personally” so much on others before yourself today. Focus some on YOU. Yes. It is should be a priority & very important! Focus on getting things done, being productive, and also doing things that make YOU happy and healthy. It… is important for you to MOVE YOU ahead in life so that you feel proud, strong, and accomplished at the end of the day. Why? It’s your life. You are in charge of your life. Not me. I am in charge of mine. The reality is….WE ARE our own daily responsibilities first and foremost.  We all want to help and do for those whom we love. However, we often get consumed in doing this. Then we forget about ourselves. It is your job to help and do for you. It is my job to take care of me and do for me. When I do this for me, I help make myself happy, stronger, and confident! THEN, I make you happy and confident around me! I have extra energy to help, support, and love you! It starts with you! Don’t forget that! Do something strong for YOU today! You can! Go tackle life today! Inspire others with your determination! IT will give you energy. YOU need this energy. We LOVE this energy coming from you. When you work hard doing something for you, it inspires us with strength to this! You help us with out even knowing. So do it for YOU today. xo 🙂