How to keep our love alive throughout our life ♥

How to keep our love alive throughout our life ♥
We try to find perfect love for ourselves and in this search we come to meet different people having different ideas and thoughts. Then a person comes in our life that we consider is the best one. We think he will make our life perfect and keep us happy forever. We fall in love with each other. Day by day relationship gets stronger and stronger. Actually this is the time when we start understanding each other. With th passage of time we start expecting lots of thing from them to do for us. We expect that our loved one can do everything for us but when they fail to do anything we get hurt like hell and here the time comes when  is understandings start growing. We start feeling minor things and take notice of every little thing. It becomes difficult to ignore and bear the mistakes. Eventually we start forgetting all the good moments of life that we spent together. That’s how relationships become weak with the passage of time and the love is lost somewhere and compromise takes place of it. For keeping a healthy relationship, we should avoid the little things. We should ignore each others’ mistakes. We should try our best to live happy life, full of love and fun. Expectations always hurt. We must be realistic. We must accept our partner as it is. One should avoid comparing one’s partner with others. Try to avoid speaking when one is in anger. Above all one should be positive. There must be mutual understanding. Mutual understanding will help to keep caring attitude towards each other. One should understand the responsibilities and busy schedules of each other but regardless of busy routine one must find time for each other. One must understand mood of each other.