Life Lesson Reminders – Just a few

Life Lesson Reminders – Just a few 

Remember to smile

Remember to laugh

Remember to expect the best, but to release attachment to outcomes; accept whatever comes your way 

Remember to enjoy yourself 

Remember to not get lost in the past, but to appreciate the lessons it gave you 

Remember to do good deeds 

Remember to be gentle with yourself, not be down on yourself, uplift yourself instead 

Remember to embrace Change (instead of resisting it) 

Remember mistakes are not mistakes, they are lessons 

Remember there are no right or wrong answers 

Remember to think outside the box 

Remember to take time for joy and the things you love 

Remember to spend time with positive people 

Remember to be in Nature, outside, connected with the earth. 

Remember to be kind 

Remember to listen 

Remember to eat healthy 

Remember to exercise 

Remember to speak 

Remember to allow your emotions to flow and then let them go 

Remember to say “Yes!” 

Remember “Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone” so be spontaneous, 

Remember that you are Amazing and Beautiful and Wonderful and Perfect 

Remember Happiness is Now. 

Remember that Life is what you make it, so have an awesome freakin Life!ImageImagek


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