Let Your Light Shine !

Dear Heavenly Father…

I humbly commit this day to honouring You. May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts and souls be a pure and pleasing sight in Your sight. 
For You alone are our strength, our shield, our stronghold and our Redeemer. 
I humbly pray for those in need of Your Divine healing, for the sick and suffering for those in need of Your assistance and support to find jobs, to find opportunities in life, for those who are struggling in relationships, for those who experiencing struggles and hardships; 
Most of all, I pray for those who are who are lost, for those who are suffering physically and emotionally, for those who are being tested Spiritually, for those in need of Your Loving presence and comfort…May Your Grace and Mercy fall upon them, to give them Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness.Please help us to boldly share Your Loving Plan of Salvation with the sick, with the suffering, with Lost, and those who are experiencing storms and tribulations in their lives. 

This I seek and pray for In Jesus Mighty name….AMEN!!!






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    ~~~~A C R O S S~~T H E~~M I L E S~~~~

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